a) Areas:

S.No. Name of the Faculty Research Area
1. Dr. Pradeep Bhatnagar Toxicology, Environmental Microbiology
2. Dr. Priyanka Mathur Toxicology
3. Ms. Priyanka Reproductive Toxicology, Environmental Science
4 Dr. Pallavi Kaushik Bioremediation and Cell Biology
5. Dr. Lata Shahani Developmental Toxicology


b)    Projects:

Name of the Project
Name of funding agency Major/Minor Year of sanction Status
Impact of life style factors on the human fertility pattern
UGC Student’s Project Ongoing  
2. Isolation of arsenite oxidizing bacteria from soil and purification of the oxidizing enzymes ICG  Major Sanctioned Completed  
3. Development of avian model for the screening of Xenobiotics for their Teratogenic potential ICG Minor Completed  
4. Effect of Synthetic Pyrethroid Cyfluthrin, a household insecticide, on Liver of Swiss Albino mice. ICG Minor Ongoing  
5. Effect of microwave cooked food on the reproductive and cytogenetic patterns of  male Swiss albino mice ICG Minor Completed  
6. Effect of Cyfluthrin on the reproductive organs of male Swiss Albino mice ICG Student Completed  
7. Effect of microwave cooked food on the reproductive patterns of  male Swiss albino mice ICG Student Completed  
8. Microwave cooked food induced hepatotoxicity in Swiss Albino Male Mice. ICG Student Completed  
9. Effect of Synthetic Pyrethroid on biochemical parameters of  Liver  and Serum of Swiss Albino mice. ICG Student Completed  
10. A study of the morphological and biochemical parameters in Chick embryo exposed to Dicofol –an Organochlocine Pesticide ICG Student Completed  

Hormonal and
changes induced in testis
of Swiss Albino male
mice after the
administration of food microwave (at 320º C for
10 minutes) for 4 weeks.

DST Student Ongoing  


  c)   Departmental Publications:


International journal 14
National journal 10
Proceedings/ Magazine Article/ Chapter in Book 04
Abstracts 70